Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Open House Invitation to CF and PTS Training Plan Customers

Thank you for purchasing a Crucible Fitness/Performance Training Systems training plan in the past. We wanted to invite you to participate in the next evolution of our focus on creating high value yet affordable training solutions for endurance athletes: Endurance Nation.

  • Membership in Endurance Nation includes open access to ALL of our training plans (25+ and growing) for only $99 per year. These plans have been honed through the results and experiences of 1000+ athletes, including YOU, over the past three years. Remember the 1-3 of our $99-150 plans you used to PR last season? You now have access to ALL of those plans--and many more--for only $99/yr.
  • Communicate and network with your fellow TeamEN members on our cutting-edge social networking platform. Join a race group, upload photos, start, share, and read member blogs, upload a video or podcast, or browse our library of over 400 quality training articles.
  • Leverage the TeamEN mojo on race day! We have team training and racing kit in the works, will conduct training camps on almost all of the North American Ironman courses (www.enationcamps.com), and will be there for you with a pre-race talk and support for your family at IMAZ, CDA, LP, WI, KY, Kona and FL.

For the month of December we are hosting an Endurance Nation Open House. Come on in, take our platform and the community for a spin for free until December 31, 2007. If you decide to join during this Open House month, Membership is $89 vs $99 and you'll be designated an Endurance Nation Charter Member, complete with secret handshake and decoder ring!

If you choose not to join EN, no worries. You've still purchase a training plan through us, with our Crucible Fitness and PTS hats hats on, and we'll support that plan in the open forums at Endurance Nation.

Since our "super soft launch" on Thanksgiving Day we have quickly grown to over 200 members! We consider each of you to be inside our inner circle, athletes who have been an integral part of the Crucible Fitness and PTS experience for years. We sincerely hope you chose to join us in our new club house, Endurance Nation.

Sign up for your trial membership today and we'll see you on the inside!

Coach Rich + Patrick

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