Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sixth Day Of EN

On the sixth day of EN, it's time to hit the road for a long run. Nothing beats a good long run in the offseason, especially one on a new route. Do yourself a favor and start plotting a new place to run!
Do the right thing and stretch a bit after your workout. Either search the ENLibrary for a stretching resource or find one online and add the link to the ENLibrary yourself!
Resolution Run Recon:
A Group: 75' total run including 2x12' in z3 (8' z2).
B Group: 45' total run including 2x8' in z3 (4' z2).
Mini ReCap: we've given you six days of creating some fitness: some biking, some running, and we got you to the pool. 'And on the Seventh Day' expect something a little lighter so you'll have plenty of time to primp for an evening of Cheers!

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