Friday, December 28, 2007

Fifth Day of EN

On the fifth day of EN - as we build you toward the start of 2008 and a new year of training and racing we want you to be mindful of common pitfalls to a successful triathlon season. Check in with Coach Rich's Primer for the Self-Coached Ironman Athlete. Resolution time is coming. Reflect on your recent training and racing season. Do you have a training or racing 'pitfall' you'd care NOT to repeat in 2008?
We also start pointing you towards preparing for next week's longer ride. If you are in a warm weather location, start scouting a cool new course; you indoor folks can start brainstorming a good video to get for the trainer ride.
Resolution Ride Recon:Outdoor Group: 2.5-3 hour steady ride.Indoor Group: 75' as 25' WU in z1-2, the twice through (15' @ z3, 5' @ z1, 3' @ z4, 2' @ z1).
Post a picture of your awesome bike; consider adding as one of the 10 pics you can have attached to your EN profile!

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